Parish Activities

Mostly Craft

What’s it all about?

Kids ( ages 5- 12 plus their mums, dads or caregivers and of course, any little ones are also very welcome)

All having fun with crafts and other activities !

When does Mostly Craft happen ?
Specific Saturdays 1.30pm – 3.30pm (check the calendar section of this site)
@ St Francis Anglican Church (cnr Park Road & Titirangi

Beach Road, Titirangi)

NB: No booking required- it’s free (yet a gold coin koha for
the City Mission is appreciated).
- How can I get more information ?
- Phone Margaret 817 1330 …or,
- Email Donna

- When is the next Mostly Craft session?

See the calendar section of this website, link on homepage at the top.

Theme: “ Telling the Easter Story”

Crafts, Chalk Art, Afternoon Tea, Games &


NB:Do check our web site for more information about St
Francis church in Titirangi

Friendship Circle

This is an open and flexible group which meets to share time, friendship and interests at different homes every two to three weeks. The group may discuss a knotty problem, join a singalong, have a summer picnic – wherever interests lead, and the meetings end with a time of prayer. Everyone is welcome, not only church members, and it’s a great opportunity to meet and make friends.


Study Group

The “Monday night group” has been meeting for some years, from 7:30pm to 9:00pm, usually at a parishioner’s house. A Saturday afternoon group also meets, 3pm – 4-30pm. It is a study group and the discussions are wide ranging. The focus may be a book of the Bible, a particular text like “The Last Week”, or a set study programme. All are welcome to attend.

Contact: Neil and Jenny Keating 833-1931

Music Group

In our Anglican tradition, music plays an important and integral part in our liturgical worship. At St.Francis we are fortunate to have a team of organists and a flautist, cellist and guitarists leading the congregation in music ranging from the great hymnic traditions of the centuries to the rich outpouring of contemporary music.

We are keen to hear from musicians and/or vocalists who wish to be involved in our Music Group.

Contact: Freda Morgan – phone: (09) 817 8402